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Christmas is coming soon. For children, Christmas means magic, dreams and, of course, presents! However, choosing the ideal Christmas gift for a child is not a task to be taken lightly! Indeed, the gift you give a child for Christmas can have a lasting impact on his or her development, happiness and memories for many years to come.

The importance of choosing the right Christmas gift for children

When considering the ideal Christmas gift for a child, it’s important to take into account not only the child’s wishes, but also the long-term impact of the choice. Indeed, a well-chosen gift is more than just an object that puts a smile on a child’s face on Christmas Day; it can be a source of happiness and enrichment for many years to come! The ideal gift for a child can also be a tool for learning and development.

Durability, practicality and functionality are features increasingly sought after by parents in a Christmas gift for children. Opting for a durable, practical and functional gift means that the child will be able to enjoy it for years to come without it losing its value and practicality. It also means they’ll benefit from a functional gift that makes it more relevant to them.

Drawin'table - The ideal Christmas gift for children

Children’s furniture is a popular and trendy gift, and the perfect choice for the festive season! The Drawin’table, designed by Drawin’kids, is an educational piece of furniture offering benefits that go beyond the simple notion of a children’s table. By encouraging little artists to explore their creativity, draw, color and express their ideas, the Drawin’table contributes significantly to their cognitive and artistic development. The artistic skills and self-expression it fosters are important assets that can prove useful throughout a child’s development.

But that’s not all! As well as stimulating creativity, the Drawin’table is a great learning tool, enabling children to acquire new skills while having fun. It lets little artists express their imagination and creativity. It also develops hand-eye coordination, while its cleverly designed round shape encourages group activities. It’s a great way for children to collaborate, share and build their self-confidence.

Feedback from satisfied parents

The best way to find out the true value of a product is to listen to feedback from customers and their little artists! In the case of Drawin’table, the enthusiastic feedback from parents, grandparents and professionals who have discovered the pretty drawing table is unanimous.

Many customers have been won over by Drawin’table’s well-thought-out design. Its size is perfectly suited to children (H48cm), enabling them to draw, color and do other activities independently. Its round shape is also an asset, as it allows children to sit around the table together, encouraging mutual help and collaboration. What’s more, the table meets European safety standards for children’s furniture (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300), so kids can have fun in complete safety.

And that’s not all! Drawin’table’s multiple functionalities have delighted parents and children alike! It’s not just a table, but also a place for drawing, coloring, playing and even eating! These varied features enable adults to diversify children’s activities and keep them busy.

One of the most appreciated advantages of the Drawin’table is its ability to keep children occupied for hours. Parents testify that their children are literally captivated by the Drawin’kids multifunction table. Whether alone or in a group, children always find something fun to do with the Drawin’table. This ability to entertain them while stimulating their creativity is a real benefit for parents.

Last but not least, the Drawin’table’s durability and quality is a recurring theme in testimonials. Parents appreciate the sturdiness of this birch-wood table, which stands up to the daily grind of children. It’s a solid investment that will last for years, and can even be passed on to the next generation!

Where to buy Drawin'table for Christmas

You can order Drawin’table directly from our website, but that’s not all! It’s also possible to discover and try out the pretty Drawin’table in the physical boutiques of retailers in France and Europe!


When it comes to creating spaces dedicated to children within contemporary architecture, the balance between functionality, aesthetics and innovation is essential. The need to create environments that stimulate children’s development while integrating harmoniously with the aesthetic vision has become important. These spaces captivate the attention of designers and parents alike, who seek to offer places that foster children’s development.

A table with innovative design and functionality

As contemporary architecture turns its attention to children’s spaces, it increasingly favors a combination of innovative design and functionality. This is where Drawin’Table comes into its own. This Scandinavian-designed table embodies both the modern aesthetic and playful practicality of children’s furniture. It has become a benchmark for parents wishing to offer their children inspiring, playful and functional environments. It is also a benchmark for professionals in a wide range of sectors (hotels, restaurants, medical practices…) wishing to offer a kidsfriendly space for children.

Thanks to its various supports, the wooden table offers children a wealth of opportunities to play and express themselves freely. At their height (H48cm), they can use it independently and safely, since it complies with safety standards for children’s furniture (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300). Its minimalist, Scandinavian design will blend in perfectly with contemporary architecture.

The benefits of Drawin'table in kidsfriendly spaces

The Drawin’Table is much more than just a table. It embodies both creativity and playful learning. Featuring an integrated double drawing surface (a chalk board and a second velleda board), it encourages children to give free rein to their imagination.
But that’s not all: this smart table also becomes a space where ideas come to life, stories take shape and art becomes an interactive experience. Indeed, the table also contains sheets where children can draw and color.
Its ingenious functionality makes it a must-have accessory for contemporary architecture. Designed for children’s height (H48cm), the wooden children’s table is designed to encourage autonomy, self-confidence and reflection.

Artistic integration in children's spaces

Art integration in children’s spaces is of significant importance in helping to create relaxing environments that stimulate creativity, learning and the development of young artists. Whether in schools, museums, libraries, hospitals or public spaces dedicated to children, art plays an essential role in providing a unique visual and sensory experience.

One of the main advantages of integrating art into children’s spaces is that it arouses the enthusiasm and engagement of little minds. Bright colors and playful furniture capture children’s attention and invite them to explore their environment with curiosity.

Drawin’table is an excellent choice for integrating furniture into contemporary architecture. Indeed, this multifunctional children’s drawing table has an innovative, minimalist and Scandinavian design that will fit perfectly into any room. What’s more, with its multiple functionalities, Drawin’table is the ideal support for children’s development. They can play, draw, color and even eat on this pretty wooden children’s table.

The Drawin'table - a versatile play table

The Drawin’table designed by Drawin’kids stands out for its intelligent layout and adaptability to children’s needs. Designed with meticulous attention to ergonomics and at children’s height (H48cm), it encourages independence and offers optimum comfort during creative activities. What’s more, its multiple supports offer a varied experience that stimulates children’s exploration and curiosity.

Functionality is one of Drawin’Table’s major strengths. Thanks to its innovative design and lightweight materials, it can be moved easily from one place to another. This feature makes it ideal for dynamic environments where the layout needs to adapt to children’s changing needs. This versatility of activities gives children the space to explore their talents and passions in a wide variety of ways, and in complete safety! In fact, with its nail- and screw-free fastening system, children can have fun in complete safety.

This children’s wooden table is much more than just a piece of furniture in contemporary architecture. Its well-thought-out ergonomics, adaptability, easy mobility and remarkable versatility make it an indispensable accessory. It encourages children’s learning, artistic expression and imagination, creating spaces that stimulate their development.

Create a stimulating Montessori space with the Drawin’Table

Children’s artistic expression is crucial to their development. To develop this creativity and promote healthy learning, it’s essential to create a Montessori space, a stimulating, playful environment with the right furniture. The Drawin’table is a multifunctional drawing table for children inspired by Montessori pedagogy.

Montessori pedagogy and its basics.

Montessori pedagogy is based on educational principles that place the child at the center of his or her own learning. Indeed, Maria Montessori was convinced of the importance and necessity of respecting each child’s personality. Autonomy, sensory exploration and manipulation are at the heart of this method, enabling children to develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. By integrating these principles into a Montessori space, children are encouraged to learn at their own pace, following their interests and developing their creativity independently.

The Drawin’table is a piece of furniture that corresponds to the learning principles of this pedagogy. Indeed, it has been designed at children’s height (H48cm) so that they can use it independently. What’s more, all the supports are integrated directly into the table, allowing children to use it as they wish, and to let their imagination and creativity run riot. With its multiple functions, children can learn, discover and explore independently and safely.

The Drawin'table: An Ally for Children's Learning

Drawin’table represents the harmony between innovation and Montessori pedagogy. This intelligent drawing table for children offers a play space dedicated to artistic expression, with ingenious features to optimize space. With its round shape, it encourages children’s interaction and collaboration, creating an environment conducive to exchange and social learning.

A key feature of the Drawin’Table is its ergonomic design, adapted to children’s size and needs. The table’s durable materials and mobility make it an ideal choice for Montessori spaces. Its minimalist design and versatility make it the perfect piece of wooden furniture for any Montessori play area or classroom. What’s more, it complies with safety standards for children’s furniture (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300), so children can use it safely and independently.

Autonomy and fine motor skills: the advantages of the Drawin'Table

Among the fundamental pillars of Montessori pedagogy, autonomy is a key element in developing children’s self-confidence and decision-making skills. The Drawin’table encourages this autonomy by providing a space where children can freely create, explore and experiment.

Thanks to its innovative and accessible design, children can easily choose their artistic activities and engage in moments that stimulate their creativity.

What’s more, artistic learning encourages the development of fine motor skills. Drawing, coloring and manipulating different materials on the Drawin’table requires hand and finger coordination, reinforcing the motor skills essential for other activities of daily life.

Children play on the Drawin'table, a stimulating piece of Montessori furniture

Creating a Stimulating Montessori Environment

Setting up a Montessori space is essential to encourage children’s artistic learning and autonomy. By creating a specially dedicated space, children can explore and develop through free play.

To create this space, you need to choose the right furniture to give children the opportunities to develop. Incorporate Montessori elements such as low shelves for storing materials, chairs adapted to children’s size and inspiring artworks to stimulate their creativity.

The Drawin’table and its stools are ideal for creating a Montessori space conducive to children’s development. In fact, they are adapted to the size of little artists, so that they can be used independently and without risk, since they are certified to child safety standards (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300).

Alternative Education: An Essential Complementarity

Montessori pedagogy is not intended to replace traditional teaching, but to complement it. By offering children the freedom to explore and create, this alternative approach nurtures their natural curiosity and builds their confidence. The Drawin’Table fits harmoniously into this balance, offering a platform that fosters creativity while developing key skills.

Nurturing creativity and artistic expression

Artistic learning goes beyond simply manipulating pencils and objects. It’s about encouraging children to express their emotions, thoughts and ideas through art. The Drawin’Table creates a space where children can let their imaginations run wild, exploring various artistic techniques and creating unique works of art. It offers a variety of activities that stimulate children’s sensory exploration. This stimulation also contributes to cognitive development by encouraging observation, reflection and decision-making.

Opt for the Drawin'Table: Stimulating Montessori furniture

Creating a stimulating Montessori space for children’s artistic learning is an enriching and beneficial process. The Drawin’Table is inspired by Montessori principles and offers an environment where autonomy, creativity and cognitive development are encouraged. By integrating this intelligent drawing table, parents, professionals and even educators can cultivate a lasting passion for art in children, while respecting their individual needs and learning pace. Drawin’kids’ multifunctional wooden table is an excellent tool for children and their development. With Drawin’table, they can engage in a wide range of playful and creative activities.

Children have fun on the Drawin'table by Drawin'kids, which meets the expectations of Montessori pedagogy.

Drawin’kids at the maison & objet show

The Drawin’kids team is delighted to announce its first participation at the Maison & Objet show from September 7 to 11, 2023. An opportunity for the many visitors to discover the pretty wooden Drawin’table and its accessories for children.

Maison & Objet - a window on the world of design

The Maison & Objet show is much more than just a trade fair: it’s an essential meeting place for keeping track of the latest trends in the industry. It’s a unique, privileged meeting place where the various players in the sector come together to exchange ideas, discover the next trends and establish valuable contacts for the future.

Maison & Objet offers a privileged window to designers and manufacturers who wish to stand out and position themselves as benchmarks in their field.

What’s more, Maison & Objet is also the place to be for discussions and conferences led by renowned industry experts. These sessions offer valuable insights into emerging trends, market developments and new consumer expectations.

But that’s not all: the show also offers an unparalleled experience for homeowners in search of inspiration and innovative ideas for their living spaces. The event brings together many designers and brands, showcasing the latest trends in interior design and home accessories. For those who like to anticipate the festivities, Maison & Objet is the ideal place to find exceptional gift ideas for the festive season.

Drawin'kids at the Maison & Objet show for the first time

A meeting place for professionals

For professionals, the Maison & Objet show is much more than just an exhibition; it’s a must-attend event for staying at the cutting edge of the industry and seizing opportunities as they arise. It’s a privileged meeting place where companies in the sector come together to exchange ideas, discover new trends and make valuable contacts.

By participating in the Maison & Objet show in September 2023, Drawin’kids will be at the heart of innovation and creativity. Drawin’kids’ presence at the show will be an opportunity to present our products and new products for the Christmas period. It will also showcase our expertise and generate interest among the general public. It’s a unique opportunity to forge strong links with industry players, such as architects, hotels, restaurants and other interior design professionals.

Maison & Objet offers a privileged showcase for designers and manufacturers who wish to stand out and position themselves as benchmarks in their field.

Drawin'kids' first participation at Maison & Objet

Drawin’kids’ first-ever participation at Maison & Objet in September 2023 is a great opportunity for the company. This event offers an exceptional opportunity to showcase wooden furniture, in particular the superb Drawin’table. This wooden table is an excellent idea for a creative and original Christmas gift for little artists. It will also enable Drawin’kids to showcase its trendy products and new products in a concrete way, thus highlighting more sustainable furniture styles.

For Drawin’kids, this first participation in Maison & Objet goes beyond a simple exhibition. It’s also a chance to showcase its creations to professionals from a variety of fields, including hotels, restaurants, nurseries and architects. These professionals are looking for innovative and fun ideas to furnish their children’s spaces. By showcasing its products at the fair, Drawin’kids hopes to arouse visitors’ interest in its carefully and creatively designed wooden furniture, which perfectly matches the growing demand for fashionable furnishings.

Stand design by Clément Fusil
Stand design by Clément Fusil


Using the Drawin’table in the professional sector is a key element in welcoming children during family outings. The Drawin’table is a multifunctional learning and entertainment tool designed to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. The table designed by Drawin’kids is a learning tool that can be used in a variety of spaces, including public areas such as libraries, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls.

Using the Drawin’table in these spaces can offer children a playful and educational experience while providing a break for parents.

Use of the Drawin'table in nurseries, childminders and schools as a learning tool to encourage discovery, creativity and imagination.

In nurseries, childminders and schools, it’s essential to use fun learning tools to encourage children’s development. Among these tools, the Drawin’table is a multifunctional children’s drawing table offering many advantages to young learners.

The Drawin’table is specially designed for children. In fact, it is a children’s table with an adapted height (H48 cm), creating a space conducive to exploration and artistic expression. Its ergonomic design allows children to sit comfortably and concentrate on their creative activities. What’s more, its surface is easy to clean, facilitating the work of professionals.

However, the Drawin’table is more than just an educational entertainment tool for children. It also contributes to their cognitive and motor development. With its multiple supports, it stimulates children and encourages collective and independent play. Drawing and coloring activities encourage creativity and imagination, while developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

In the professional environment, the Drawin’table plays a key role as an educational entertainment tool. It creates a playful space where children can learn while having fun. Educators can use this round children’s drawing table as a teaching aid for a variety of subjects. What’s more, its round shape encourages collaboration between children, strengthening their social skills and team spirit.

The Drawin’table is an essential playful learning tool for nurseries, childminders and schools. It provides a space dedicated to artistic expression and encourages children’s development. Thanks to its many advantages, this multifunctional drawing table is a real asset for education professionals and young learners alike.

the children play on the Drawin'table all together

Drawin'table benefits hotels, restaurants, B&Bs and guest houses to offer a more complete and entertaining customer experience.


In the hospitality industry, it’s important to offer an exceptional customer experience to stand out from the competition and build customer loyalty. The Drawin’table offers numerous advantages that meet the needs and expectations of professionals in this sector.

One of the Drawin’table’s major assets is its versatility. As a multifunctional children’s drawing table, it can be used for drawing and coloring activities, but also as a support for playing or eating. This makes it an ideal piece of furniture for children’s reception areas. Parents can enjoy their meal or their stay in the knowledge that their children are occupied.

What’s more, the smart children’s drawing and coloring table offers a unique opportunity for establishments to add a touch of originality to their ambience. The round children’s drawing table can be seamlessly integrated into existing aesthetics, while adding a playful, welcoming atmosphere. This creates a more complete and memorable customer experience, offering a family-friendly environment.

By integrating Drawin’table into their establishments, hotel and catering professionals demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of families and their desire to create enjoyable experiences for customers. This multifunctional drawing table helps to make the space more attractive for families, while offering children a fun activity to keep them entertained during their stay. This boosts customer satisfaction, fosters loyalty and encourages positive recommendations.

Maison Atypique Iconic House kids area - Photo by Mr Tripper
Maison Atypique Iconic House kids area - Photo by Mr Tripper

Use the Drawin'table in doctors' surgeries, pediatricians, speech therapists, etc., to offer young patients a calm, creative activity during waiting times.

In doctors’ surgeries, pediatricians, speech therapists and other healthcare professions, waiting times can be stressful and boring for young patients. That’s where the Drawin’table comes in, offering a calm, creative activity to keep them occupied during these waiting times.

One of the Drawin’table’s strengths is its ability to provide a playful and soothing activity. Children can sit around the intelligent children’s drawing table and let their creativity run wild as they draw, color or play. This helps to create a more relaxed and enjoyable environment for young patients, allowing them to distract themselves from the apprehension associated with medical visits.

The Drawin’table is also a practical tool for healthcare professionals. It can be used to distract children during examinations or procedures, facilitating cooperation and reducing anxiety. What’s more, using the Children’s Round Drawing Table allows professionals to concentrate more on their work, safe in the knowledge that young patients are engaged in a positive and appropriate activity.

By offering this calm, creative activity, the Drawin’table also contributes to the development of children’s skills. Drawing and coloring encourage fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and concentration.

An added benefit of introducing the Drawin’table into doctors’ surgeries and healthcare professions is that it can help reduce agitated behavior and crying, creating a more peaceful environment for other patients and medical staff.

Integrate Drawin'table into boutiques, shops, bookstores and media libraries to create a kid-friendly space and offer a fun activity for children.

The presence of Drawin’table in boutiques, shops, bookshops and media libraries is an innovative solution for creating a child-friendly environment. By integrating this multifunctional drawing table for children, these establishments offer an enriching experience for young visitors.

Stores and businesses that adopt Drawin’table create a family-friendly space. Children can sit around the table and engage in creative activities such as drawing and coloring while their parents shop. This offer of fun activities adds extra value to the customer experience.

Bookstores and media libraries can also benefit from Drawin’table by creating a child-friendly space that encourages the discovery of reading. Children can sit around the table and give free rein to their artistic creativity, while immersing themselves in the world of stories. This stimulates their interest in reading and strengthens their relationship with books and libraries.

The integration of Drawin’table also helps to channel children’s energy, keep them occupied and prevent potential distractions. Establishments can adapt the layout of this round children’s table to create a dedicated space, promoting better organization and a more pleasant experience for all visitors.

Finally, the integration of Drawin’table in boutiques, shops, bookstores and media libraries testifies to their commitment to education, creativity and the customer experience. It reflects their desire to offer an inclusive and entertaining space for all visitors, especially children. This initiative reinforces the reputation of these establishments as family destinations and encourages customer loyalty.

Using the Drawin’table in public spaces to welcome children

Using the Drawin’table in public spaces can be an asset to welcome children during family outings. The Drawin’table is a multifunctional drawing table designed to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. The table designed by Drawin’kids can be used in a variety of spaces, including public spaces such as libraries, hotels, restaurants and shopping centers.

Using the Drawin’table in these spaces can provide a fun and educational experience for children while offering a break for parents.

Children's spaces in public places

Children are becoming more and more important in public spaces. It has become commonplace for hotels, restaurants, libraries and shopping malls to offer children’s areas to create a more enjoyable and memorable customer experience.

These kids’ areas provide a safe, fun and entertaining environment for children, while allowing the rest of the family to enjoy the services offered without having to constantly look after the children. In addition, it also allows the little ones to wait quietly.

Specially designed at the height of children, the Drawin’table is the ideal coloring table for the kids space of public places. Indeed, this piece of furniture will bring novelty and will adapt perfectly to the layout and the space thanks to its round, welcoming and ergonomic format. Moreover, Drawin’kids offers two different sizes of table that can accommodate up to 6 children. This favors the conviviality, the exchanges and allows to create a warm atmosphere between the children.

the children play on the Drawin'table all together

The importance of children's spaces in public places


The importance of these children’s spaces is multiple. First of all, they allow children to be entertained and have fun in a safe environment, while adults are doing their activities. This reduces stress for parents and allows them to enjoy their free time to the fullest, thus providing a more enjoyable experience. Kids spaces in public places can also encourage children to engage in group activities with other children, which is beneficial for their social and emotional development.

In addition, kid spaces can also be an incentive for families to visit these public places. Parents are more likely to visit a hotel, restaurant, library or mall that offers activities for their children, as it allows them to spend time together as a family and meet their children’s needs.

The Drawin’table is a multi-functional drawing table for children, with a minimalist design that will suit different spaces and places. This multifunctional table is practical and fun. Indeed, children can draw, color, eat or play on it safely because the table meets the safety standards for children (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300).

the children play on the Drawin'table all together

The different ways to use the Drawin'table

The children’s drawing table is an excellent tool to entertain the little ones in public places such as restaurants, shopping malls or hotels. There are many ways to use it to encourage creativity, social interaction and entertainment.

Providing crayons and paper is a simple but effective option to give children the opportunity to draw and color according to their imagination. For more fun, organizing drawing events around the drawing table, such as drawing contests with coloring templates can also stimulate their creativity and give them an opportunity to socialize with other children.

The table designed by Drawin’kids is both practical and fun. All the supports are directly integrated to the table which allows to optimize the space and to benefit from an original and unique table. With its reversible tray, children can draw with chalk or Velléda markers. Thanks to the coloring sheets and white drawing sheets, they can also express their creativity and imagination. Finally, more than a simple drawing table, the Drawin’table can also be used as a table for meals, snacks or even games. It meets the safety standards for children. They will be able to use it in complete autonomy.

the child plays autonomously

A way to improve the company's image



These kids’ spaces are an added value and can be a way for companies to stand out from the competition. By offering spaces for children, companies can attract a wider audience and differentiate themselves from the competition that does not offer this type of service.


The Drawin’table is a high quality furniture. Indeed, the table as well as the chairs and stools are made from birch wood of premium quality, reinforcing the company brand. With its round and minimalist design, it will bring novelty and fit perfectly in different spaces.

Use the Drawin'table in the kids spaces


The design of children’s areas in public places must be practical and well thought out to maximize the use of space.

The Drawin’table is the ideal piece of furniture for kids’ spaces in public places. This table for kids will be an additional asset in a hotel as well as in a restaurant or even in commercial spaces. The table is not only practical but also playful. Indeed, thanks to its various supports, it allows to optimize the space, because all the supports are directly integrated on the table. On the Drawin’table, children can draw, color, paint, play and even have a snack.

Moreover, the Drawin’table is in conformity with the safety requirements concerning the furniture for the children (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300), which allows the professionals to benefit from a secure, solid and ergonomic furniture for the leisure of the children.

Using the Drawin’table to stimulate children’s creativity

The Drawin’table from Drawin’kids is a children’s drawing table designed to encourage creativity and learning in children. It provides a play space that promotes cognitive development, self-confidence, fine motor skills and exploration in children.

the benefits of a children's play area

Whether in a home or a professional environment, children’s play spaces must be well thought out and safe. These spaces are essential assets for children’s development because they have cognitive, creative and emotional benefits. Indeed, by playing and drawing, children develop their creativity, problem-solving skills, fine motor skills and self-confidence. Children can also learn to work in teams, share and communicate with others about their ideas.

In addition, for professionals, this space is an essential asset that can help satisfy and retain family customers. They are increasingly popular in public places such as hotels, restaurants and libraries. These spaces offer many benefits for customers with children. First, they allow parents to enjoy their experience without being interrupted by their children. Children are often happiest in a space dedicated to them, where they can play and be entertained. These spaces also provide security, allowing parents to relax knowing their children are safe and supervised. 

The Drawin’table designed by Drawin’kids offers a safe and comfortable piece of furniture for children to explore their creativity and develop their skills safely. Indeed, the table meets the safety standards for children. It allows children to play and draw independently, which promotes self-confidence and independence.

kids area

The use of the Drawin'table

The Drawin’table is a table specially designed for children to encourage imagination and independent learning.

With its reversible tray, the table can be used to draw maps or numbers, using washable chalk or markers. This helps children learn geography and numbers while allowing them to express themselves creatively. These two surfaces provide an opportunity for children to express their creativity and imagination.
They are also free to use coloring templates or blank drawing sheets to help learn shapes and colors. They can use crayons or markers to fill in the patterns with different colors, while learning to identify and name the different shapes.

Finally, the Drawin’table encourages collaboration. With its round, minimalist design, the table can accommodate up to 6 children at a time depending on the model, which helps foster collaboration and social learning. Children can draw together, share ideas and learn from each other. They can also play, snack and have fun on it safely.

the children play on the Drawin'table all together

The learning method of Maria MONTESSORI

the child plays autonomously

The Montessori Method is an educational approach based on the idea that children learn best by being encouraged to explore their environment independently. This method by Maria Montessori emphasizes hands-on learning and experimentation, rather than traditional teaching. In this approach, children are free to choose their own activity and work at their own pace.

The design of the Drawin’table reflects this educational method. It is designed to encourage exploration and independence in children. The table is adapted to child height (H48cm) and offers a drawing space that allows children to work independently and choose their own activity. The Drawin’table is also easy to use for children of all ages, which encourages exploration and learning. The table encourages independence and personal responsibility in children, who learn to take care of their environment.

A unique and attractive table: The Drawin'table


Especially adapted to children because at their height, the Drawin’table was designed to be used independently and safely (fixing system without nails or screws). Indeed, it meets the safety requirements concerning the furniture for the children (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300). With its round and minimalist design, it supports the conviviality and the mutual aid between the children. It also creates a warm atmosphere within the different spaces. It will fit as well in private homes as in professionals. The Drawin’table is the ideal table for the nursery, the daycare or even for the preschools.


For professionals, the table is a real added value. Indeed, create a play area for children or arrange it properly will aim to occupy and entertain children in a space dedicated to them. The table will also bring calm and serenity to parents by leaving unforgettable memories to the youngest as well as to their parents. For the professionals, it will allow to collect positive customer reviews, and a better customer experience for the establishment.


Integrating children’s furniture into hotels is becoming increasingly important. Indeed, with the increasing popularity of family tourism, it has become essential for hotels to offer child-friendly facilities and furniture. This can help make their stay more pleasant and comfortable, while keeping guests loyal. If the children are happy, the parents will be happy and this can lead to family loyalty and satisfaction. Incorporating children’s furniture into hotels is therefore a practical and cost-effective way to meet the growing demand.

Children use the drawing table in a hotel
The children draw with chalk in the 1st plan, in the 2nd plan they color with Velleda

integrating children's furniture into hotels

To properly integrate children’s furniture into a hotel, it is essential to understand the different needs of children and parents. Depending on their age and ability, their needs will differ and it is essential to take this into account when choosing furniture.

It is also important to consider the needs of parents. They appreciate hotels that offer children’s furniture. It saves them from having to bring everything they need and takes the burden off their shoulders. The furniture offered in hotels should bring serenity to parents who let their children play independently.

Especially designed for children, the Drawin’table is accessible and usable in all autonomy. The little guests will be able to enjoy a playful and multifunctional piece of furniture during their stay in the hotel. Compliant with the safety requirements concerning the furniture for children (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300), the table offers comfort and serenity.

furniture for children into hotels

Drawin'table in a children's area of a hotel

Hotels are increasingly seeking to differentiate themselves by offering equipment, furniture and spaces for children. This allows parents to travel comfortably with their children and in complete serenity.

When choosing furniture, it is important to think about the different ages and abilities of children in order to offer them equipment and adequate facilities.

The Drawin’table is a coloring table specially designed for children. At their height (h48cm), it can be used independently and allows parents to occupy the children during their check-in or check-out.

the benefits of child-friendly furniture in hotels

Offering child-friendly furniture in hotels is a great way for businesses to attract families with children and provide them with a more enjoyable and convenient experience. Parents are increasingly looking for hotels that offer child-friendly amenities and facilities. Providing children’s facilities and furniture can therefore be a differentiator for hotels looking to attract a more family-oriented clientele.

The Drawin’table is a key element that can make all the difference within a hotel. Indeed, this table has been specially designed and adapted for children from the age of 2 years. It offers comfort and safety to children, so they can use it independently in the hotel. Moreover, the supports are directly integrated on the table which allows to optimize the space and to avoid the clutter.

children's spaces

Children’s furniture can be particularly appreciated when designing a kids’ area. This area is a zone dedicated especially to children in hotels. It offers playful activities and furniture adapted to the little guests.

These areas have many advantages for children, parents and professionals alike. Indeed, they offer safety and comfort because they are equipped and furnished with materials adapted to children. Parents can let their children have fun in complete autonomy. In addition, they promote entertainment, learning and socialization of children.

When designing this space, it is important that hotels take into account the needs of children of different ages and that they ensure that the equipment offered is adapted to their abilities.

The table designed by Drawin’kids has been specially thought for children and their height (H48cm). The Drawin’table also complies with the safety requirements for children’s furniture (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300), which allows hotels to benefit from a secure, solid and ergonomic furniture for children’s leisure. Children will be able to use it without fear or risk of injury. It will also bring a friendly and warm atmosphere thanks to its round shape and minimalist design.

Maison Atypique Iconic House kids area - Photo by Mr Tripper
Maison Atypique Iconic House kids area - Photo by Mr Tripper

a friendly atmosphere with kid'AREA

Creating a kids’ area in a hotel can help create a friendly atmosphere in the lobby as well as in the rooms. In addition to the basic equipment, children’s drawing tables and other playful furniture can provide an entertaining play area for children.

The kids’ area must be carefully thought out when designing the interior of this area dedicated to children. Indeed, it is important that the space is playful, functional and safe for the little guests.

By creating a friendly atmosphere, hotels can provide an even more enjoyable experience for families with children. This can improve customer satisfaction and encourage loyalty. In addition, the right interior design can help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere can help encourage that loyalty.

mobilier enfant table à colorier
Children use the coloring accessories on the Drawin'table


It is important that the kids’ area does not take up too much space in the hotel. It is therefore important to opt for functional and ergonomic furniture to optimize the space.

The Drawin’table is a multifunctional table with a minimalist and Scandinavian design that will meet the needs and expectations of guests but also professionals. Its round shape and its design will fit perfectly in the hotel spaces. Moreover, all the supports are directly integrated to the table which allows to optimize the space and the storage.

mobilier pour hôtel table enfant
The Drawin'table XXL in a game area (Photo credit Robinhood Academy)


Each hotel has constraints related to its layout or its decoration. The table designed by Drawin’kids will meet the expectations and needs of customers but also those of hoteliers. Indeed, it will be a real asset within the hotel and will adapt perfectly to the space kids of the hotels thanks to its Scandinavian design. This multifunctional piece of furniture with a minimalist design and at children’s height will be perfect in a play area whether it is at the hotel reception, in a breakfast room or in a room.

Today, not only the furniture must be elegant but it must also obey the standards imposed by the legislation in force. The Drawin’table complies with the safety requirements concerning the furniture for children (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300), which allows hotels to benefit from

of a secure, solid and ergonomic furniture for the leisure of the children.

The little guests will be able to enjoy the comfort of this multi-functional table while having fun and in complete safety.

Essential accessories for nursery coloring tables

Accessories are essential to the coloring tables in nursery. The coloring tables are more and more trendy within the establishments and in particular within the nurseries where they represent a real asset for the development of the children.

Nurseries generally mark the first place of separation between the baby and his parents. It is therefore essential that not only the child but also his parents feel comfortable and safe in the establishment. Nurseries offer children the opportunity to express their creativity and imagination, but also to grow up in a space where they can have fun in a safe and collective environment.

To provide a comfortable and safe environment in daycare centers, it is therefore essential to provide the right furniture, accessories and design.

Espace kids dans un hôtels
The children draw with chalk in the 1st plan, in the 2nd plan they color with Velleda


When choosing accessories to coloring table in nursery, it is important to keep in mind the needs and abilities of children. It is therefore necessary to make sure to choose adequate materials and adapted to the size and the age of the children.

Drawin’kids offers various accessories to complement the table and facilitate its use. Among the accessories, we find stools, pencils but also the refills of coloring sheets. The coloring sheets of the Drawin’table offer different supports and different illustrations adapted to the different ages of children.

For the little ones, the Little Friends coloring sheets refills are the most suitable because the lines of the drawings are thicker. For children, there are themed refills with coloring and fun games.


Child-height stools are essential for coloring tables in day nurseries. It is essential that they are well seated during their educational activities. Wooden stools for children are becoming more and more popular because they are trendy because, unlike plastic stools, they are more aesthetic, more robust and aesthetic, more robust and more durable.

The stool designed by Drawin’kids is a low stool, at child height and of premium quality premium quality specially manufactured to complement the table. Because of its quality, this wooden stool offers durability and sturdiness which allows a safe seating and environmentally friendly furniture within the nursery.

Coloring accessories

Coloring accessories are among the most important accessories for coloring tables. Colored pencils, crayons, markers or erasable markers are very popular choices for children. It is important to ensure that the materials are age appropriate.

  • Wax/colored pencils are the ideal choice for toddlers as they are easier to handle and do not stain clothing. 
  • Erasable markers and felt-tip pens are also popular because they are easy for children to clean and handle.

Among the accessories available on the Drawin’kids website, you can find a large choice of pencils from the MAPED brand. For the little ones, Drawin’kids offers baby crayons. For the older kids and to have even more fun, you will find felt pens, erasable markers, chalks but also magic and glitter crayons.

storage space

Coloring tables are often equipped with storage for various accessories. The coloring tables with storage allow to optimize the space and to avoid the clutter.

The Drawin’table has been designed to optimize space. Indeed, the coloring supports, the reversible tray and the pencil pot are directly integrated into the table. This allows children to use it independently and to have the necessary material at hand.

Furniture adapted to the little ones

The furniture chosen for the layout of the nursery must meet the vital needs and learning needs of children. It must contribute to their development and their safety but also to the serenity of the parents who leave their child.


The well-being of the children being essential, it is therefore essential that the environment created respects the standards of hygiene and safety but that it is also favourable to the good development of the very small ones in community.


Among the trendy and playful furniture, coloring tables are among the most popular pieces of furniture in day care centers. They offer a real play area where children can have fun, develop and blossom in complete safety and autonomy.


The coloring table proposed by Drawin’kids meets the various vital needs and learning of children. Indeed, this multifunctional coloring table has been specially designed to their height (H48cm) and meets the safety standards for children (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300).


Moreover, thanks to its various supports, it allows to optimize the space because all the supports are directly integrated on the table. On the Drawin’table, children can draw, color, paint, play and even have a snack.

mobilier enfant table à colorier
Children use the coloring accessories on the Drawin'table

the ideal nursery furniture: A multifunctional coloring table

Drawin’kids designed a drawing table specially adapted to the height of the child (H48 cm). It is an ideal element for the play area of the nursery. Indeed, it will bring novelty and will adapt perfectly to the layout of the space.

Drawin’kids has created two different sizes of table that can accommodate up to 6 children. The rounded shape of the coloring table promotes mutual aid between children and exchanges in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

To complete the table, Drawin’kids proposes a wide choice of accessories such as wax crayons, felt pens or colored pencils but also erasable markers and chalks. To have even more fun, Drawin’kids also offers magic and glitter pencils.

mobilier pour hôtel table enfant
The Drawin'table XXL in a game area (Photo credit Robinhood Academy)

The use of coloring tables in nursery

The use of coloring tables in nursery can be relevant because the furniture is perfectly adapted to the height of the toddlers. Place of awakening and exploration, nurseries are among the most important places of socialization of children. They represent the place of life and development of young children until the age of 3. Day care centers allow them to grow at their own pace and in a community under the supervision of trained professionals.

The entry of a baby in the daycare center often marks the first separation with his family, it is important that he but also that his parents feel confident and secure inside the establishment.

the importance of child-friendly furniture in nurseries

In order to welcome children in the best conditions and guarantee their well-being, it is important that nurseries equip themselves with appropriate furniture. Indeed, the choice of furniture must meet the vital and learning needs of the children but it must also contribute to the serenity of the parents when they leave their little ones. The furniture of the nursery contributes to the creation of a welcoming, warm and secure space for the children as well as for the parents.

But that’s not all! The furniture chosen must also allow the professionals to work properly and facilitate their missions by using ergonomic furniture adapted to their different needs.


With its Scandinavian and minimalist design, the Drawin’table offers the possibility to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the nursery. Moreover, it allows professionals to optimize their space since all the supports are directly incorporated into the table. Without nails or screws, it can be used safely and independently.

grande table activités enfant maternelle
Snack time on the Drawin'table

Play areas in nurseries

Playful and evolving, play areas are essential elements in nurseries and are indispensable for the development of children. They have a real impact on their behavior and on their evolution.


It is important that these spaces are adapted to the different ages of the children but also to their evolution. Indeed, it is necessary to arrange the space with educational furniture accessible to each of them. A good arrangement promotes the autonomy and free expression of the children. In this space, it is essential that everyone finds a place.

the pedagogy of maria montessori

Maria Montessori’s pedagogy, which is based on the observation of children, has become a reference for parents. It demonstrates that children are capable of great autonomy if the environment is well adapted. In nurseries, this pedagogy begins with the design of spaces and furniture that promote the autonomy, concentration and development of children.

It is therefore important that everything is within their reach according to their age and needs. The children have the possibility of evolving freely in full safety and they can easily have access to the material during the proposed activities.


The table thought by Drawin’kids answers the various expectations of the Montessori pedagogy. Indeed, it is usable in all autonomy because it was conceived at the height of child and that all the elements (papers, pencils…) are directly disposed on the table. Moreover, it meets the safety requirements for children’s furniture (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300), so they can use it safely.

activities adapted to the age and interests of children

As soon as they are born, children start to develop their senses. Offering activities adapted to the age and needs of children is essential so they can discover their different abilities and develop them.

To contribute to their personal growth and development, it is therefore important that nurseries offer fun activities adapted to the age, needs and interests of each child.

As children grow, they develop their bearings and become more willing to express themselves. Among the activities in the nursery, coloring, drawing, arts and crafts and painting are essential for the youngest as well as the oldest.


Cooking activity, play dough, stickers, coloring or crafts, the Drawin’table is the ideal nursery table for the realization of the various educational activities proposed to the children. Indeed, thanks to its different supports, it is possible to draw, color and even use the table for crafts or snacks. This table at child height (H48cm) can be used autonomously and in complete safety.

kids area
The Drawin'table XXL in a nursery play area (Photo credit Robinhood Academy)

the benefits of coloring and drawinG FOR CHILDREN

Coloring and drawing are very beneficial activities for children from an early age. These activities can contribute to the cognitive, social and emotional development of children and allow them to evolve at their own pace.


  •       Cognitive development: Coloring and drawing encourage children’s engagement and encourage them to understand and appreciate it. They help develop their concentration, memory and ability to follow instructions.
  •       Social and emotional development: By providing drawing activities that interest children, they are more likely to engage with others, communicate and cooperate. Drawing can also help children to express their emotions and develop emotional awareness. In addition, coloring helps to relax and calm anxiety through relaxing and enjoyable activities. 
  •           Development of well-being: These activities contribute to their well-being by providing positive and rewarding experiences. Children who are involved in creative activities that they enjoy are more likely to feel happy, confident and valued.
  •            Fine Motor Development: Fine motor skills refer to the ability to control the movements of the small muscles in the hands and fingers. Drawing and coloring require precise movement and control, hand-eye coordination, and manual dexterity.
  •           Creative and imaginative development: These activities allow children to express themselves and develop their imagination. Drawing and coloring are excellent ways for children to learn to think creatively.

The Drawin’table will contribute to the development of children and they can have fun around an innovative and multifunctional table. Indeed, coloring and drawing are two very popular and stimulating activities for children. With the table, they will be able to evolve and develop many skills during their activities.

table crèche coloriage
A child colored on a page « Miffy le Lapin »

the ideal furniture: a multifunctional drawing table

Specially designed at the height of children, the Drawin’table is the ideal coloring table for the play area of the nursery. Indeed, this piece of furniture will bring novelty and will adapt perfectly to the arrangement and to the space thanks to its round, welcoming and ergonomic format. Moreover, Drawin’kids offers two different sizes of table that can accommodate up to 6 children. This favors the mutual help, the exchanges and allows to create a convivial and warm atmosphere between the children.

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