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Using the Drawin’table to stimulate children’s creativity

The Drawin’table from Drawin’kids is a children’s drawing table designed to encourage creativity and learning in children. It provides a play space that promotes cognitive development, self-confidence, fine motor skills and exploration in children.

the benefits of a children’s play area

Whether in a home or a professional environment, children’s play spaces must be well thought out and safe. These spaces are essential assets for children’s development because they have cognitive, creative and emotional benefits. Indeed, by playing and drawing, children develop their creativity, problem-solving skills, fine motor skills and self-confidence. Children can also learn to work in teams, share and communicate with others about their ideas.

In addition, for professionals, this space is an essential asset that can help satisfy and retain family customers. They are increasingly popular in public places such as hotels, restaurants and libraries. These spaces offer many benefits for customers with children. First, they allow parents to enjoy their experience without being interrupted by their children. Children are often happiest in a space dedicated to them, where they can play and be entertained. These spaces also provide security, allowing parents to relax knowing their children are safe and supervised.

The Drawin’table designed by Drawin’kids offers a safe and comfortable piece of furniture for children to explore their creativity and develop their skills safely. Indeed, the table meets the safety standards for children. It allows children to play and draw independently, which promotes self-confidence and independence.

kids area

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The use of the Drawin’table

The Drawin’table is a table specially designed for children to encourage imagination and independent learning.

With its reversible tray, the table can be used to draw maps or numbers, using washable chalk or markers. This helps children learn geography and numbers while allowing them to express themselves creatively. These two surfaces provide an opportunity for children to express their creativity and imagination.
They are also free to use coloring templates or blank drawing sheets to help learn shapes and colors. They can use crayons or markers to fill in the patterns with different colors, while learning to identify and name the different shapes.

Finally, the Drawin’table encourages collaboration. With its round, minimalist design, the table can accommodate up to 6 children at a time depending on the model, which helps foster collaboration and social learning. Children can draw together, share ideas and learn from each other. They can also play, snack and have fun on it safely.

the children play on the Drawin'table all together

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The learning method of Maria MONTESSORI

the child plays autonomously

The Montessori Method is an educational approach based on the idea that children learn best by being encouraged to explore their environment independently. This method by Maria Montessori emphasizes hands-on learning and experimentation, rather than traditional teaching. In this approach, children are free to choose their own activity and work at their own pace.

The design of the Drawin’table reflects this educational method. It is designed to encourage exploration and independence in children. The table is adapted to child height (H48cm) and offers a drawing space that allows children to work independently and choose their own activity. The Drawin’table is also easy to use for children of all ages, which encourages exploration and learning. The table encourages independence and personal responsibility in children, who learn to take care of their environment.

A unique and attractive table: The Drawin’table

Especially adapted to children because at their height, the Drawin’table was designed to be used independently and safely (fixing system without nails or screws). Indeed, it meets the safety requirements concerning the furniture for the children (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300). With its round and minimalist design, it supports the conviviality and the mutual aid between the children. It also creates a warm atmosphere within the different spaces. It will fit as well in private homes as in professionals. The Drawin’table is the ideal table for the nursery, the daycare or even for the preschools.

For professionals, the table is a real added value. Indeed, create a play area for children or arrange it properly will aim to occupy and entertain children in a space dedicated to them. The table will also bring calm and serenity to parents by leaving unforgettable memories to the youngest as well as to their parents. For the professionals, it will allow to collect positive customer reviews, and a better customer experience for the establishment.

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