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Integrating children’s furniture into hotels is becoming increasingly important. Indeed, with the increasing popularity of family tourism, it has become essential for hotels to offer child-friendly facilities and furniture. This can help make their stay more pleasant and comfortable, while keeping guests loyal. If the children are happy, the parents will be happy and this can lead to family loyalty and satisfaction. Incorporating children’s furniture into hotels is therefore a practical and cost-effective way to meet the growing demand.

Children use the drawing table in a hotel
The children draw with chalk in the 1st plan, in the 2nd plan they color with Velleda

integrating children’s furniture into hotels

To properly integrate children’s furniture into a hotel, it is essential to understand the different needs of children and parents. Depending on their age and ability, their needs will differ and it is essential to take this into account when choosing furniture.

It is also important to consider the needs of parents. They appreciate hotels that offer children’s furniture. It saves them from having to bring everything they need and takes the burden off their shoulders. The furniture offered in hotels should bring serenity to parents who let their children play independently.

Especially designed for children, the Drawin’table is accessible and usable in all autonomy. The little guests will be able to enjoy a playful and multifunctional piece of furniture during their stay in the hotel. Compliant with the safety requirements concerning the furniture for children (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300), the table offers comfort and serenity.

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furniture for children into hotels

Drawin'table in a children's area of a hotel

Hotels are increasingly seeking to differentiate themselves by offering equipment, furniture and spaces for children. This allows parents to travel comfortably with their children and in complete serenity.

When choosing furniture, it is important to think about the different ages and abilities of children in order to offer them equipment and adequate facilities.

The Drawin’table is a coloring table specially designed for children. At their height (h48cm), it can be used independently and allows parents to occupy the children during their check-in or check-out.

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the benefits of child-friendly furniture in hotels

Offering child-friendly furniture in hotels is a great way for businesses to attract families with children and provide them with a more enjoyable and convenient experience. Parents are increasingly looking for hotels that offer child-friendly amenities and facilities. Providing children’s facilities and furniture can therefore be a differentiator for hotels looking to attract a more family-oriented clientele.

The Drawin’table is a key element that can make all the difference within a hotel. Indeed, this table has been specially designed and adapted for children from the age of 2 years. It offers comfort and safety to children, so they can use it independently in the hotel. Moreover, the supports are directly integrated on the table which allows to optimize the space and to avoid the clutter.

children’s spaces

Children’s furniture can be particularly appreciated when designing a kids’ area. This area is a zone dedicated especially to children in hotels. It offers playful activities and furniture adapted to the little guests.

These areas have many advantages for children, parents and professionals alike. Indeed, they offer safety and comfort because they are equipped and furnished with materials adapted to children. Parents can let their children have fun in complete autonomy. In addition, they promote entertainment, learning and socialization of children.

When designing this space, it is important that hotels take into account the needs of children of different ages and that they ensure that the equipment offered is adapted to their abilities.

The table designed by Drawin’kids has been specially thought for children and their height (H48cm). The Drawin’table also complies with the safety requirements for children’s furniture (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300), which allows hotels to benefit from a secure, solid and ergonomic furniture for children’s leisure. Children will be able to use it without fear or risk of injury. It will also bring a friendly and warm atmosphere thanks to its round shape and minimalist design.

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Maison Atypique Iconic House kids area - Photo by Mr Tripper
Maison Atypique Iconic House kids area – Photo by Mr Tripper

a friendly atmosphere with kid’AREA

Creating a kids’ area in a hotel can help create a friendly atmosphere in the lobby as well as in the rooms. In addition to the basic equipment, children’s drawing tables and other playful furniture can provide an entertaining play area for children.

The kids’ area must be carefully thought out when designing the interior of this area dedicated to children. Indeed, it is important that the space is playful, functional and safe for the little guests.

By creating a friendly atmosphere, hotels can provide an even more enjoyable experience for families with children. This can improve customer satisfaction and encourage loyalty. In addition, the right interior design can help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere can help encourage that loyalty.

mobilier enfant table à colorier
Children use the coloring accessories on the Drawin’table


It is important that the kids’ area does not take up too much space in the hotel. It is therefore important to opt for functional and ergonomic furniture to optimize the space.

The Drawin’table is a multifunctional table with a minimalist and Scandinavian design that will meet the needs and expectations of guests but also professionals. Its round shape and its design will fit perfectly in the hotel spaces. Moreover, all the supports are directly integrated to the table which allows to optimize the space and the storage.

mobilier pour hôtel table enfant
The Drawin’table XXL in a game area (Photo credit Robinhood Academy)


Each hotel has constraints related to its layout or its decoration. The table designed by Drawin’kids will meet the expectations and needs of customers but also those of hoteliers. Indeed, it will be a real asset within the hotel and will adapt perfectly to the space kids of the hotels thanks to its Scandinavian design. This multifunctional piece of furniture with a minimalist design and at children’s height will be perfect in a play area whether it is at the hotel reception, in a breakfast room or in a room.

Today, not only the furniture must be elegant but it must also obey the standards imposed by the legislation in force. The Drawin’table complies with the safety requirements concerning the furniture for children (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300), which allows hotels to benefit from

of a secure, solid and ergonomic furniture for the leisure of the children.

The little guests will be able to enjoy the comfort of this multi-functional table while having fun and in complete safety.

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