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Essential accessories for nursery coloring tables

Accessories are essential to the coloring tables in nursery. The coloring tables are more and more trendy within the establishments and in particular within the nurseries where they represent a real asset for the development of the children.

Nurseries generally mark the first place of separation between the baby and his parents. It is therefore essential that not only the child but also his parents feel comfortable and safe in the establishment. Nurseries offer children the opportunity to express their creativity and imagination, but also to grow up in a space where they can have fun in a safe and collective environment.

To provide a comfortable and safe environment in daycare centers, it is therefore essential to provide the right furniture, accessories and design.

Espace kids dans un hôtels
The children draw with chalk in the 1st plan, in the 2nd plan they color with Velleda


When choosing accessories to coloring table in nursery, it is important to keep in mind the needs and abilities of children. It is therefore necessary to make sure to choose adequate materials and adapted to the size and the age of the children.

Drawin’kids offers various accessories to complement the table and facilitate its use. Among the accessories, we find stools, pencils but also the refills of coloring sheets. The coloring sheets of the Drawin’table offer different supports and different illustrations adapted to the different ages of children.

For the little ones, the Little Friends coloring sheets refills are the most suitable because the lines of the drawings are thicker. For children, there are themed refills with coloring and fun games.

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Child-height stools are essential for coloring tables in day nurseries. It is essential that they are well seated during their educational activities. Wooden stools for children are becoming more and more popular because they are trendy because, unlike plastic stools, they are more aesthetic, more robust and aesthetic, more robust and more durable.

The stool designed by Drawin’kids is a low stool, at child height and of premium quality premium quality specially manufactured to complement the table. Because of its quality, this wooden stool offers durability and sturdiness which allows a safe seating and environmentally friendly furniture within the nursery.

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Coloring accessories

Coloring accessories are among the most important accessories for coloring tables. Colored pencils, crayons, markers or erasable markers are very popular choices for children. It is important to ensure that the materials are age appropriate.

  • Wax/colored pencils are the ideal choice for toddlers as they are easier to handle and do not stain clothing.
  • Erasable markers and felt-tip pens are also popular because they are easy for children to clean and handle.

Among the accessories available on the Drawin’kids website, you can find a large choice of pencils from the MAPED brand. For the little ones, Drawin’kids offers baby crayons. For the older kids and to have even more fun, you will find felt pens, erasable markers, chalks but also magic and glitter crayons.

storage space

Coloring tables are often equipped with storage for various accessories. The coloring tables with storage allow to optimize the space and to avoid the clutter.

The Drawin’table has been designed to optimize space. Indeed, the coloring supports, the reversible tray and the pencil pot are directly integrated into the table. This allows children to use it independently and to have the necessary material at hand.

Furniture adapted to the little ones

The furniture chosen for the layout of the nursery must meet the vital needs and learning needs of children. It must contribute to their development and their safety but also to the serenity of the parents who leave their child.

The well-being of the children being essential, it is therefore essential that the environment created respects the standards of hygiene and safety but that it is also favourable to the good development of the very small ones in community.

Among the trendy and playful furniture, coloring tables are among the most popular pieces of furniture in day care centers. They offer a real play area where children can have fun, develop and blossom in complete safety and autonomy.

The coloring table proposed by Drawin’kids meets the various vital needs and learning of children. Indeed, this multifunctional coloring table has been specially designed to their height (H48cm) and meets the safety standards for children (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300).

Moreover, thanks to its various supports, it allows to optimize the space because all the supports are directly integrated on the table. On the Drawin’table, children can draw, color, paint, play and even have a snack.

mobilier enfant table à colorier
Children use the coloring accessories on the Drawin’table

the ideal nursery furniture: A multifunctional coloring table

Drawin’kids designed a drawing table specially adapted to the height of the child (H48 cm). It is an ideal element for the play area of the nursery. Indeed, it will bring novelty and will adapt perfectly to the layout of the space.

Drawin’kids has created two different sizes of table that can accommodate up to 6 children. The rounded shape of the coloring table promotes mutual aid between children and exchanges in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

To complete the table, Drawin’kids proposes a wide choice of accessories such as wax crayons, felt pens or colored pencils but also erasable markers and chalks. To have even more fun, Drawin’kids also offers magic and glitter pencils.

mobilier pour hôtel table enfant
The Drawin’table XXL in a game area (Photo credit Robinhood Academy)
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