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Stool for children

The Drawin’kids stool is a low stool of premium quality, specially designed to complement the Drawin’table drawing table for children. This allows to create a harmonious and minimalist set. Because of the quality of its wood and the manufacturing process, this stool for kids can be passed on from generation to generation. We have chosen a noble material that respects the environment and the health of the little ones. It is a durable furniture, both trendy and timeless. Our wooden stools are made in Europe.

An iconic design

This stool is made of birch wood plywood, its design is iconic of the Drawin'table range. The wood used is the same as for the table. Its minimalist style fits all spaces. The low stool is a useful piece of furniture that completes the decoration of the children's room. It is an essential piece of wooden furniture in a child's room. t. It is not uncommon to see this low stool for children in a living room.

This small low stool for children with a Scandinavian design has the same ingenious fixing system as the Drawin'table. The assembly is simple since it does not require any nails or screws, the stool is assembled in a few seconds!

At the right height

Particularly adapted to the Drawin'table, it is 28cm high. A child of 2 years old will be sitting at the right height of the table and will be able to draw or play on his drawing table.

The 4 sloping legs ensure good stability and safety for the child.

Light, handy and practical, this child's stool can easily be moved by a child from one room to another.

This small low stool for children is sold in sets of 2, as it is often the case that the child receives a friend or another member of the siblings to draw or play with. It seemed essential to us to offer it in sets of 2. It was necessary to encourage collective play. From the age of 2, the child likes to have other children playing next to him. They like social interaction

Setting up your first creative workshop space

Coupled with a small drawing table, this is the perfect set-up for your child's first creative workshop space. This stool for children allows them to develop their creativity and imagination thanks to their own play area. Time to relax and concentrate!

After school, before dinner, at his birthday party with his friends, there are many occasions for a creative workshop session. This drawing table and stool set will be his best allies for creating, playing and drawing.

This small stool designed for children will allow them to play or draw while being at the right height! To complete with the table of the same range.

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