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Drawing table for children

The Drawin’table is a multifunctional drawing table for children aged 2 to 6 years (or even older!).

A table for children at their height

The Drawin'table is a multifunctional children's table, specially designed for children's height (48cm). This table is dedicated to them: at their height and therefore at their disposal, they can use it at any time of the day without having to ask for help from an adult.

The small table for children also exists in an XXL version

The Drawin'table is a small table for children, with a diameter of 70cm it is the perfect size to accommodate up to 4 children without taking up too much space. It also exists in XXL version, with a diameter of 90cm.

His first drawing table

The Drawin'table is the first drawing table for babies, because of its height of 48 cm, baby, standing or sitting, will be able to lean over the table to scribble his first drawings.

An intelligent drawing table that develops children's creativity

This is an intelligent drawing table thanks to its interchangeable supports. All the accessories (chalk, coloured pencils, felt-tip pens) are located in the pencil cup in the centre of the round table.

Depending on the mood of the moment: children can draw, colour, play, express their imagination and creativity around a reversible colouring tray, or even have lunch.

The Drawin'table, drawing table for children, consists of :

  • A wooden game table
  • A reversible round blackboard (to be written on with chalk) / whiteboard (to be written on with Velleda)
  • 5 white sheets
  • A pencil case
  • A black microfiber cloth

Its fixing system is ingenious as it does not include any nails or screws, so the children's drawing table can be assembled in 3 movements.

A round table for drawing and welcoming friends

An inviting round drawing table, specially designed for children. This round children's drawing table is much more than just a table. It's a smart table with a minimalist and Scandinavian design, invented and created for children!

Several refills of sheets are available on the Drawin'kids website. It is a whole selection of special colouring sheets for the Drawin'table which is proposed. The colouring sheets represent animals, cartoon characters (Masha and the bear, Miffy Bunny), but also cities, plants, seasons, educational games, etc.

The paper sheets have a weight of 200g/m2. This means that your children can draw and colour with felt pens without any risk of transparency. The drawing surface (front and back) is therefore doubled!

A complete colouring table

A colouring table where the child can colour and draw, according to the desires of the moment, on different supports and with many different pencils: chalks, coloured pencils, wax pencils, felt-tips, erasable felt-tips, glitter pencils, watercolours, etc.

“One must give an eye that sees, a hand that obeys, a soul that meditates to give the drawing; and all life must contribute to this. This is why we prepare for drawing through life itself; but this acquits us, it is the inner spark that does the rest. Maria Montessori

A dry erase colouring table

This is also a dry-erase colouring table thanks to its reversible tray: on the blackboard side, your child can draw with chalk, on the whiteboard side, he will use dry-erase markers.

The table can be transformed into a game table

It is also a children's play table, because it is very easy to transform: You can remove the leaves, the pencil cup and the reversible tray and let your children play LEGOs or board games on a simple round table.

A real asset for a playroom

The Drawin'table is a playroom table: it is ideal for group games and can accommodate up to 4 children for the Home version and 6 children for the XXL version. Its round and welcoming shape encourages mutual aid and group games. It is a real asset for playrooms.

An essential furniture for the playroom

The children's drawing table is a real piece of playroom furniture. Because of its multi-functionality, it can be a table for drawing or colouring, but also a table for playing cards, a table for playing dinette or eating out, etc. It is therefore an essential piece of furniture in a playroom. It is therefore an essential piece of furniture in a playroom!

The Drawin'table is produced in Europe

The Drawin'table and the stools are made in Latvia. We are proud to work in a family-owned factory that has used its know-how and skills to develop the Drawin'table and its ingenious system. The Drawin'table can be assembled without nails or screws. The wood that we have selected for production is birch wood, premium quality.

A commitment to eco-responsibility and solidarity

The sheets are printed in France near the Drawin'kids warehouse, near Nantes. All our sheets are labeled PEFC, the paper is from sustainably managed forests).

As part of our CSR commitment, the sheets are then put into cardboard by the ESAT (Etablissement et Service d'Aide par le Travail) of Blain (44). It was essential for us to contribute to the fight against discrimination and exclusion of people with disabilities.

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