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The use of coloring tables in nursery

The use of coloring tables in nursery can be relevant because the furniture is perfectly adapted to the height of the toddlers. Place of awakening and exploration, nurseries are among the most important places of socialization of children. They represent the place of life and development of young children until the age of 3. Day care centers allow them to grow at their own pace and in a community under the supervision of trained professionals.

The entry of a baby in the daycare center often marks the first separation with his family, it is important that he but also that his parents feel confident and secure inside the establishment.

the importance of child-friendly furniture in nurseries

In order to welcome children in the best conditions and guarantee their well-being, it is important that nurseries equip themselves with appropriate furniture. Indeed, the choice of furniture must meet the vital and learning needs of the children but it must also contribute to the serenity of the parents when they leave their little ones. The furniture of the nursery contributes to the creation of a welcoming, warm and secure space for the children as well as for the parents.

But that’s not all! The furniture chosen must also allow the professionals to work properly and facilitate their missions by using ergonomic furniture adapted to their different needs.

With its Scandinavian and minimalist design, the Drawin’table offers the possibility to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the nursery. Moreover, it allows professionals to optimize their space since all the supports are directly incorporated into the table. Without nails or screws, it can be used safely and independently.

grande table activités enfant maternelle
Snack time on the Drawin’table

Play areas in nurseries

Playful and evolving, play areas are essential elements in nurseries and are indispensable for the development of children. They have a real impact on their behavior and on their evolution.

It is important that these spaces are adapted to the different ages of the children but also to their evolution. Indeed, it is necessary to arrange the space with educational furniture accessible to each of them. A good arrangement promotes the autonomy and free expression of the children. In this space, it is essential that everyone finds a place.

the pedagogy of maria montessori

Maria Montessori’s pedagogy, which is based on the observation of children, has become a reference for parents. It demonstrates that children are capable of great autonomy if the environment is well adapted. In nurseries, this pedagogy begins with the design of spaces and furniture that promote the autonomy, concentration and development of children.

It is therefore important that everything is within their reach according to their age and needs. The children have the possibility of evolving freely in full safety and they can easily have access to the material during the proposed activities.

The table thought by Drawin’kids answers the various expectations of the Montessori pedagogy. Indeed, it is usable in all autonomy because it was conceived at the height of child and that all the elements (papers, pencils…) are directly disposed on the table. Moreover, it meets the safety requirements for children’s furniture (NF EN 71-3 and NF D60-300), so they can use it safely.

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activities adapted to the age and interests of children

As soon as they are born, children start to develop their senses. Offering activities adapted to the age and needs of children is essential so they can discover their different abilities and develop them.

To contribute to their personal growth and development, it is therefore important that nurseries offer fun activities adapted to the age, needs and interests of each child.

As children grow, they develop their bearings and become more willing to express themselves. Among the activities in the nursery, coloring, drawing, arts and crafts and painting are essential for the youngest as well as the oldest.

Cooking activity, play dough, stickers, coloring or crafts, the Drawin’table is the ideal nursery table for the realization of the various educational activities proposed to the children. Indeed, thanks to its different supports, it is possible to draw, color and even use the table for crafts or snacks. This table at child height (H48cm) can be used autonomously and in complete safety.

The Drawin’table XXL in a game area (Photo credit Robinhood Academy)

the benefits of coloring and drawinG FOR CHILDREN

Coloring and drawing are very beneficial activities for children from an early age. These activities can contribute to the cognitive, social and emotional development of children and allow them to evolve at their own pace.

  •       Cognitive development: Coloring and drawing encourage children’s engagement and encourage them to understand and appreciate it. They help develop their concentration, memory and ability to follow instructions.
  •       Social and emotional development: By providing drawing activities that interest children, they are more likely to engage with others, communicate and cooperate. Drawing can also help children to express their emotions and develop emotional awareness. In addition, coloring helps to relax and calm anxiety through relaxing and enjoyable activities.
  •           Development of well-being: These activities contribute to their well-being by providing positive and rewarding experiences. Children who are involved in creative activities that they enjoy are more likely to feel happy, confident and valued.
  •            Fine Motor Development: Fine motor skills refer to the ability to control the movements of the small muscles in the hands and fingers. Drawing and coloring require precise movement and control, hand-eye coordination, and manual dexterity.
  •           Creative and imaginative development: These activities allow children to express themselves and develop their imagination. Drawing and coloring are excellent ways for children to learn to think creatively.

The Drawin’table will contribute to the development of children and they can have fun around an innovative and multifunctional table. Indeed, coloring and drawing are two very popular and stimulating activities for children. With the table, they will be able to evolve and develop many skills during their activities.

table crèche coloriage
A child colored on a page « Miffy le Lapin »

the ideal furniture: a multifunctional drawing table

Specially designed at the height of children, the Drawin’table is the ideal coloring table for the play area of the nursery. Indeed, this piece of furniture will bring novelty and will adapt perfectly to the arrangement and to the space thanks to its round, welcoming and ergonomic format. Moreover, Drawin’kids offers two different sizes of table that can accommodate up to 6 children. This favors the mutual help, the exchanges and allows to create a convivial and warm atmosphere between the children.

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