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The activity table for children by Drawin’kids

Children’s activity tables are a great way to keep children entertained and interested. They offer a variety of activities that can keep children busy for hours. There are many different types of activity tables, so it is important to find one that meets your child’s needs. Activity tables can provide a fun and interactive environment for children to explore.

A game table for children

The Drawin’table children’s game table, as other game tables is unique:

  • On the one hand for its design whose model has been registered at the EUIPO, the European Union Office for Intellectual Property.
  • On the other hand for its concept: the Drawin’table is an intelligentgame table for children.

It therefore stands out among the dozens of children’s game tables that we can find on the Internet.

The Drawin’table and its unique concept are intended for children aged 2 to 6 years (or even more!).

La Drawin’table et son concept unique sont destinés aux enfants âgés de 2 à 6 ans (voire plus !).

table activités enfant dessin en bois
A brother and sister drawing with chalk

A table and chair set for children

The table and chair for children of the brand Drawin’kids form a beautiful furniture set for a child’s room. The child will quickly appropriate his play space, designed at his height (48cm for the table and 27 cm height for the chairs and stools). The table and chair set for children will also form a desk and colouring table.

The Scandinavian style of the furniture set will fit in with any decorating style and environment.

A large table for the children

What’s better than a big table to receive friends? Drawin’kids has created an XXL table for children, at their height: its concept is original since the table serves both as a coloring table, a game table and a dining table!

A large table for children, ideal for a birthday party with friends or even a wedding in the children’s play area for example!

grande table activités enfant maternelle
table coloriage enfant activité

A colouring table

A table where the child can colour on it: an innovative concept!

The table consists of :

  • a table made of premium quality birch wood with a nail- and screw-free fixing system.
  • a removable central wooden pencil cup and its lid
  • a microfiber cloth
  • a reversible black holder for chalk, white for erasable Velleda-type pencils
  • and a set of white sheets

The colouring sheets are available as refills. Each refill sheet is different.

We always recommend using white sheets with toddlers (1-2 years old): at this age, they are discovering pencils and exercising their motor skills and creativity by scribbling.

The “Little Friends” sheet refill is particularly suitable for 2-4 year olds. It consists of “Insect Life” and “Miffy Bunny” sheets: colouring is made easier by the fact that the drawings are large and the line is wider.

A round drawing table

The round format of the table and therefore of the reversible support and the sheets may come as a surprise. It is designed to facilitate the sharing of a usually solitary activity: drawing.

Children, brothers and sisters, cousins and friends draw on the same sheet of paper. Drawing then becomes a moment of sharing and conviviality. The older children accompany the younger ones in their learning.

No doubt that mum and dad will also be tempted to share a creative moment with their little one on the pretty round drawing table…

Table d'activité et de dessin en bois - Drawin’table
A mother and her daughters drawing on the Drawin'table

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