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Colouring table Drawin’kids

The Drawin’table is the perfect colouring table for children who want to let their creativity run wild! The table has a reversible and erasable colouring surface, so that the child can colour on a chalk surface on one side and a velleda surface on the other. This will stimulate their creativity even more!

Colouring table

The Drawin’table is a multifunctional colouring table for children.

The coloring table is user-friendly: it can accommodate up to 4 children for the Home version whose diameter is 70cm. The XXL version can accommodate up to 6 children. This one has a diameter of 90cm.

This is an original colouring table especially for children. Children can colour on their own table, easily accessible because it is at their height (H48cm). They can even share this colouring activity with their brothers and sisters or friends.

table à colorier coloriage enfant
A sibling around the Drawin'table
table à colorier effacable enfant craie
The chalk surface of the Drawin'table

Erasable colouring table

The Drawin’table has a reversible erasable colouring surface: so the child can colour on a chalk surface on one side and on a Velleda surface on the other! More original than a simple erasable blackboard, it is also more resistant over time due to the quality of its wood (premium birch wood).

A microfiber cloth is included in the pack, it is essential to complete the erasable colouring table.

Colouring table

The Drawin’table is a multifunctional colouring table for children. A table where children can colour on it without the risk of being scolded by Mum or Dad!

 So, depending on the mood of the moment: children can colour on white paper or colouring sheets, or on a reversible tray, with chalk or velleda.  

Colouring is not the only activity possible with the Drawin’Table! It also offers the possibility to play or to have a snack on it.

mobilier enfant table à colorier
table à colorier lavable
The velleda surface of the Drawin'table

Washable colouring table

This is a washable colouring table: in fact, the reversible chalk / Velleda tray can be used over and over again!

The child can erase his drawing independently and then start again.

For a thorough cleaning we always recommend using a little window cleaner on the Velleda tray. Then simply wipe the tray with a slightly damp cloth and the tray is as good as new!

Giant colourings

Drawin’kids offers more than 40 different giant colouring pages.

These are giant colouring sheets specially adapted to the Drawin’table. The sheets have the same diameter as the colouring table: 70cm.

The colouring sheets represent animals, cartoon characters (Masha and the Bear, Miffy Bunny), but also cities, plants, seasons, educational games, etc. The giant colouring sheets are available in refill packs of 20 sheets: 10 blank sheets + 10 colouring sheets.

The giant colouring sheets are available in a refill pack of 20 sheets: 10 white sheets + 10 colouring sheets. The sheets can be turned over and used on the other side without any risk of transparency. This gives you 40 drawing surfaces!

Finally, the sheets are heavy weight (200gr/m2), so there is no transparency effect on the back of the sheet when the child draws with felt pens.  

coloriage table à colorier
coloriage table à colorier

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