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Kathleen, Emma, Giulio: our loves acting around the table!

“Our idea was born within two families. My brother and I, we created Drawin’ Table for our kids (add link) see History section. The family roots are witnessed by our first video, in October 2017, took place in the room of Antonio’s daughter Kathleen, joined by Marco’s children Emma and Giulio, all playing in real around the table at our house. They are the first testimonials of our creation, our testers, and to tell the truth, the concept of the table comes from the love we have for them.” Antonio et Marco

May 2018

Franco’s house

The family tour kept on from House to House of all families involved in the creation and later, in the development of our product. So, in May 2018, we met at Franco’s house, and our kids again protagonists! Jacopo, 2 years old, the last son of Marco, joined the crew, he could not miss the show anymore!

May 2019

At Domaine de Beaucé, FRANCE

With our French distributor JUDY THE FOX. April (2), Clémence (3), Lucas (6).

“We loved this peaceful place. We absolutely wanted to take the pictures outside : the table, the children, alone in the world with the beautiful lake in the background.

It was funny to see how those little two were speaking around the table. A bit shy at the beginning in front of Jérôme, the photographer, but then here we go : They quickly got to know Miffy, the rabbit. "Oh this is the little rabbit I know!“

Founder of

August 2020

At Lucie Kakuta’s house, FRANCE

Scandinavian design By JUDY THE FOX. Calvin (7), Mael (6), Téa (3) and Teïpo (10).

“Organizing a photo shoot with children of all ages is never easy. We adapt to them, and not the other way around ;)!

Their first reaction was amazing when they discovered the tables! Even Teïpo, 10, loved to draw with chalks. There is no age for creativity!”

Founder of

November 2020

At our warehouse in FRANCE

Christmas vibes by JUDY THE FOX. Clémence (4), Basile (5) and Lucas (7).

“For this photo shoot, the Drawin'table served as a table to play tea parties, and to receive a friend to play mini table football!

The Drawin'tables even served as a lunch table to eat pizza between shots to the delight of the children“

Founder of

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